Boston Harmony Spring 2015 Concert

by Boston Harmony

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Directed by Patty Cuyler & Larry Gordon


released May 29, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: Hlonolofatsa (South Africa)
Iyo, iyo, iyo, we are blessed
Iyo, we are blessed
Iyo, we are blessed
in the name of the Father
Track Name: Mokle khlelkhvavi (Republic of Georgia)
Peace and victory to us!
Our host is merry because he has beloved guests.
Track Name: Jamata (Republic of Georgia)
O le, lile
Poor Jamata
Ghebi follows you and your band
The weapon struck you in the back
Blood runs from you in streams
O le, lile
Track Name: Bawo Thixo Somandla (South Africa)
Father, God Omnipotent
What is my transgression?
What wrong have we done you, O Lord, Father, God Omnipotent?

What have we done
What have we done, my Lord, that we kill each other like this?

In this world we are loaded with troubles
Father, God Omnipotent

Let this cup pass from us
What have we done, my Lord, that we kill each other like this?

I have an unceasing sob in my heart
I keep saying, "Truly, may this cup pass from us
Father, God Omnipotent
Track Name: Azi senzeni na (South Africa)
What have we done to you oh Lord?


The children sleep without food because HIV/AIDS has killed their fathers
What have we done to you, oh Lord?

There are ones who don't listen when the old ones give advice
What have we done to you, oh Lord?
Track Name: Ayo visto lo mappamundi
I have seen the world map and the navigational charts,
but Sicily/Cecilia is to me the most beautiful in all this world

There are three Sicily's/Cecilia's, no more: all three bear the crown
King Alphonse has two of them: Citrafaro and Ultrafaro

The third is found on the calendar [St. Ceclia's day]
Do not speak of the fourth, for she is found on no map
She comes from the other world

I've seen Corsica and Sardinia, and Medea's island
There's nothing you can show me—Cyprus, Candia, nor Morea

I've searched out with my galleon the new island of Castille
But Cecilia is so beautiful that thoughts of her derange me
Track Name: Una sañosa porfia
A furious pestilence
Without good fortune one goes struggling
And I never had joy
Now my misfortune is being ordained

Now fortune arranged
to take away my successful leadership
for the brave Lion of Spain
Comes threatening me with evil

His dreadful artillery
Knocking down the walls
My villas and my castles
He is winning my cities

The earth and the sea moan
For he comes seizing
His pendants and his banners
And carrying the colors

He overruns my Moorish quarter
Devastating the countryside
My comrades and leaders
Come defeated and being killed

The mosques of Mohammed
Are being consecrated as churches
He leads the Moorish prisoners
With crying shrieks
Track Name: Verbum caro factum est
Lo, the Word is now made flesh, so that you might all be saved.

- And the Virgin said to him: Life of my life, O my darling Son, what shall I make for you? Nothing have I in which to lay you.

- All your worldly riches, offer clothing for this little baby, Jesus with the animals is cradled, just as you see here.
Track Name: Stabat mater (Corsica)
The sorrowful Mother stood weeping before the cross where hung her Son.

Her soul—lamenting, inconsolable and sorrowing—was pierced as by a sword.

When my body shall die, grant that my spirit be given glory in paradise.
Track Name: Suda sangue (Corsica)
The Redeemer sweats blood. But do not cry, Oh Sinner.
Forgive us, Lord, forgive us.

Let the sacred wounds of my God be imprinted on my heart.

Cry, cry, Oh Sinner, for the passion of thy Lord.
Track Name: As'kwaz'ukuhamba (South Africa)
We cannot leave this land of our ancestors on this earth
We are being killed by the monster/apartheid on this earth
Shuku-shuku [the sound of a train]
Oh Mother, it is leaving me behind
I want to get on the train, I want to get on the train in the morning
Oh, Mother, it is leaving me behind
The Freedom Train, Chief Mandela
On this earth