Chicago World Music Concert January 24, 2016

by Chicago World Music Chorus

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Our January 24, 2016 concert, which finished off our short 2015-16 season. Next rehearsal will be in September, 2016!


released January 25, 2016

Directed by Patty Cuyler and Mollie Stone.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Mandingene (South Africa)
I rise to heaven through my faith
Track Name: Greenwich (American shape-note)
Lord what a thoughtless wretch was I
To mourn and murmur and repine
To see the wicked placed on high
In pride and robes of honor shine

But oh their end, their dreadful end
Thy sanctuary taught me so
On slipp'ry rocks I see them stand
And fiery billows roll below

Now let them boast how tall they rise
I'll never envy them again;
There they may stand with haughty eyes
'Till they plunge deep in endless pain
Track Name: Deus ti salvet, Maria (Sardinia)
God save you, Mary, full of grace
Of graces you are the vein and the current

Almighty God has always been with you
Even to preserve you immaculate

Give us grace in life and in death
and a blessed fate in heaven
Track Name: Hamisha asar (Ladino song)
Feast of fruits, feast of fruits
Come and see us
We'll sing and dance
The hostess is waiting for us
with fifteen plates of fruit
and baklava and coffee!
Track Name: Un vi vantate (Corsica)
This is an elusive poem, translating something like:

You may boast, youth; but your elders are everywhere
Even if you are nimble like a deer, they will hunt you down
And like hunters, they are watching night and day
Track Name: Bat'onebo (Georgian)
Oh lords, help, have mercy, oh lords
Beautiful lords, bedecked with violets and roses

White sheep and a herd of goats; a lamb came jumping
The lords enjoyed this, and turning away, left us
Track Name: Sidjankata (Bulgaria)
The girls are sitting together at a sedjanka (a gathering for sewing and gossiping) when a boy comes in and compares them to sweet quinces.
Track Name: Amagumbi-Thuma mina (South Africa)
To the four corners, oh Father, to all the nations
Send me, Father, send me
Jesus needs someone to send, oh Father, throughout the world
Send, send, send, send me
Send me, oh Jehovah, oh Father
Track Name: Ukholo lwami (South Africa)
I will ascend with my faith in my hands to heaven, my home
Whether it is a burden or difficult, I will ascend to heaven with my faith
I have no worries when God is there